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Supervac Industries LLP


Supervac Industries LLP

B-21, Flatted Factory Complex
New Delhi, 110055 | View on Google Maps
Anshuman Punj Anshuman Punj
011 43554966

Business Description: Supervac Industries LLP is a DIN ISO 9001 certified, 19 years old leading company, manufacturing and supplying vacuum consumables specially for the vacuum coating industry worldwide. Vacuum products of Supervac Industries LLP have been tested, approved and being used by ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation), major Defence laboratories, leading industrial groups and many major business organisations globally.

The USP of Supervac Industries LLP is High Quality, Quick Delivery and Reasonable Rate. Hundreds of Vacuum Coaters ( film and object metallizing, holography, PVD, Vacuum heat treatment, Brazing and many more applications) have validated Supervac Industries LLP for their High Quality products and excellent customer service.

Products/Services/Brands: Ceramic Products-Evaporation Boats, Boron nitride powder, Boron nitride suspension. Vacuum oils-Rotary vacuum pump oil, Diffusion pump oil, Booster pump oil, Graphite products-Graphite suspension/lubricant/coating, Graphite foil/Tape, Vacuum silicon grease.

Capabilities: Supervac has Hot Presses, Diamond Cutters and Precision Grinding machines for manufacture of Evaporation Boats. Annual capacity of manufacturing is 1 million pieces. Testing machines are available for measuring hot and cold resistivity, bend strength and CTE.

Supervac has in-house facilities for blending various vacuum oils installed capacity is 1.5 million litre/year. Testing facilities include Test rig-simulating actual working of plant, Rotational Viscometer, Eraflash flash point tester, Almicro Digital boiling point apparatus, Hydrometer etc.

Supervac is the world's largest manufacturer of Graphite Suspension and Boron Nitride Suspension. Facilities include universal mixing machines, Ball Mill, Vibro Mill, XRD, Adhesion measuring equipments etc.

Supervac has facilities for worldwide shipping and technical support.

Key Sales Contact:
Mr. Archishman Punj
B-21, Flatted Factories Complex
New Delhi, 110055
Phone: +8860868196
Member Since: 2019
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