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Plastic Suppliers, Inc.

2400 Marilyn Lane
Columbus, OH 43219
Cecelia Glackin-Hunt Cecelia Glackin-Hunt
(614) 471-9100

Foreign Address:
+32 09 210 80 10 
EDDASTRAAT 40 Haven 3175A
BE-9042 Ghent, Belgium

Parent Company, Subsidiaries, Divisions: Sidaplax, V.O.F (Subsidiary)

Business Description: PSI is a global leader in the manufacture of thin gauge films for CPG packaging. In the bio-polymer PLA compostable EarthFirst® category, we offer Ultralight sealant, Metalized barrier and TDO shrink sleeve films. Within the PolyFlex® line, we offer OPS TDO Shrink Sleeve films.

PSI holds a patent on EarthFirst® compostable films and is a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC). Operations in the Americas are centered in Columbus, Ohio with European operations in Ghent, Belgium. A global customer base includes the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Products / Services / Brands: EarthFirst® Ultralight Sealant Films – beginning at 36 g | 9 μ – replace LLDPE sealant films to create more sustainable packaging. Barrier metalized EarthFirst® films are available in 80 and 120g. Made from annually renewable natural materials, EarthFirst® films reduces the amount of packaging entering the solid waste stream and are more cost effective than industry fossil fuel - based sealant films. Incorporating EarthFirst® sealant films immediately lowers packaging’s carbon footprint and cost. Take a leadership position in your brands’ packaging sustainability.

PolyFlex® TDO Shrink Sleeve Films – in both OPS and EarthFirst® Compostable PLA films – are high performance decoration films. PolyFlex® OPS offers a more controlled shrink rate ideal for uniquely contoured containers and has the highest yield compared to all other shrink substrates. EarthFirst® PLA TDO is a sustainable packaging option. It has the highest shrink at the lowest temperatures, is compostable to ASTM D6400 and is a non-fossil fuel material made from annually-renewable, natural resources.

Key Sales Contact:
Cecelia Glackin-Hunt
Phone: 614-418-3829 Fax:
Member Since: 2019
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